Amazing sex positions you didn’t know existed

If you think you’ve tried everything when it comes to sexual positions then think again! Below I am challenging your sexual creativity with some of the most interesting and unusual sexual positions that anyone can do but rarely does!

69 plus more

Most people enjoy the mutual satisfaction of the 69 position but rarely do they venture a bit further. There is a whole new world of pleasure in 69 if you add sex toys, some creativity and –of course your fingers to the process. First, you can perform your oral games in different positions. A 69 with him on top is quite different than a 69 with her on top. With him on top, she has great access to his balls and the bottom of the shaft, oral stimulation there will make him beg for more. With him on top, the clitoris is more accessible. Make it wet and after she’s sufficiently wet and ready to be penetrated, slide a finger or a small sex toy inside; she will be climaxing in no time. You can try 69 while lying sideways for some extra access to her anus or his juicy balls.

Reloaded Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a guaranteed ticket to wild sex. Adding this twist (and just a bit of lube) will make him feel like a king while driving her crazy for more. First, she mounts him as usual in the reverse cowgirl position. However, her anus should be gently lubed either by him licking it or by any commercial lube beforehand. Now, with her on top, the man slides his thumb or a small vibrator in her anus while she rides him reverse cowgirl style. That little  extra anal penetration will make her feel like a sexy little queen and multiple orgasm will surely follow. For maximum penetration (and if his penis is on the large side) he should rest his bum on his heels and she should slowly squat over his lap so all the penis enters with ease and it is possible to finger/toy her tight anus.

Composite Cunnilingus (squirting guaranteed)

Licking her clitoris can be fun but adding extra twists along the way can make her climax harder and faster than she ever thought possible. While licking her, try to slide your tongue inside her and move in up and down. You can slip a finger bent upwards and stimulate her G-spot too. Just before climaxing, be ready to quickly stand up and slip your whole penis inside her. Intense sex just before orgasm from a cunnilingus usually results in smashing orgasms and her squirting with pleasure!

Office Chair Doggy Style

The bed is not the best place for doggy and this position proves it. For office chair doggy style she places her knees on the bottom of the office chair and bends over so her arms are folded over the back of the chair. This gives him maximum access to her ass and clitoris as well as the added flexibility of the office chair. Doggy style penetration is easy then as he can use the chair, her thighs or waist to control his trusts. She can rest her whole body on the back of the chair and use her hands to further stimulate her clitoris or massage his balls for mutual pleasure.


There are so many amazing ways to transform your sex life with just a few twists! Never hesitate to experiment and try something slightly different; the next unforgettable sexual experience might be just around the corner.