5 Things You Never Knew About Sexual Arousal

Sex is an activity that is as much between your ears as it is between your legs. You can get sexually aroused through a variety of stimulants such as smell, hearing or even certain colors. It is not as if you always need to see a sexy woman in person or on the video to experience sexual arousal. Years of study by sexologists have confirmed that men and women can get sexually stimulated through some rather unconventional methods as given below:
a.) Fragrance and aroma of certain substances have the ability to arouse a male such as lavender or even pumpkin. The use of scented candles and oils has been recommended since long by many as very effective sexual stimulants. In case of women, it is the smell of licorice and cucumber. One can understand that cucumber by virtue of its shape may also be providing them visual stimulation as it resembles the male organ.
b.) The red color is believed to have the property of arousing red hot passion and sexual ardor and you will definitely be successful in enticing your male with dresses of this color.
c.) Men like all things that are congruent and equal. While there is not much you can do as woman about a particular body part being smaller or bigger, you need to use appropriate make up to ensure that the difference is not too striking.
d.) Ensure you keep your guy free from stress as this has a negative effect on sexual performance.
e) Do something unconventional and surprise him with actions or words when he least expects it like whispering something dirty to him at a public place. That will make him really excited and you can rest assured he would be looking forward to hot sex when you get home.