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Top 10 Desirable Women of 2012

The most desirable women of 2012 include a variety of attractive and talented women who men find to be irresistible.  Some are known for being in some of the most popular movies of the year, while others have found themselves in controversial situations but still manage to stay on top.  While this list may vary depending on who you ask or which entertainment source you prefer, the following beauties have made their way on numerous desirable women lists for 2012:

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Casual Sexual Experiences During the First Two Months of College. Sexology Research

“Hook ups,” also known as casual sexual behavior is the subject of a recent study conducted that included heterosexual undergraduates transitioning to college in northeast America.  Participates recorded their sexual behaviors and attitudes during the first two months of their transition while on campus.  In some cases it may seem as if certain sexual attitudes in social situations may signal wen hookup behavior may occur among men and women.  Women seemed to have a higher risk of obtaining a negative social reputation pertaining to sexual behavior.  Yet, many women claimed they may hookup without sexual penetration.

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Is Having Sex and Making Love Considered the Same Thing?

Many people consider making love and having sex the same thing but is it really true? A few of us feel we are wasting time trying to differentiate love making and sex but some say we don’t make the argument clear enough.  Men and women have claimed there are differences between the two and it often depends on your situation. Plus, it may depend on how or who you are intimate with.

Love making seems to be soft and sensual while claiming to have sex can have more action involved. It’s funny because either way, you could get the same reaction from the other person. For example, if you mention to someone you want to have sex with them, they probably would look at you with a smile but with a seductive look other face.  Yet, if you say to them you want to make love to them, you could get the same reaction.  So, is there a difference in love making versus having sex?

Some say yes depending on the circumstances.  If you are making love with your partner chances are you have been together for a while, at least 6 months or so. It’s likely you are in love with each other and have a deep physical attraction, especially in bed that includes passionate sex.  On the other hand, having sex may just be foreplay or sex with someone you just met.  The sex may not last as long but it could also just be a way of getting contentment for personal sexual desires.

In other words, having sex may not include an emotional love connection, but just getting pleasure below the bellybutton.  Some say that having sex with someone you may not know as well could be confusing, yes confusing. This is due to not really knowing sexual tendencies of the other person. In the end, you could just be having sex for pleasure and nothing more. There could be some fun mixed in while trying to figure out how to kiss but in many cases, one follows the lead of the other until they get better connected.

Sometimes having sex leads to getting a better connection with the other person and eventually falling in love.  Having sex may bring pleasure down there but many agree that making love feels good, if not better.  Many consider love making to feel better since it includes moving in unison at a slower pace, bringing emotions together and evening enjoying more foreplay.  Making love also tends to make both partners feel more comfortable with each other while being aware of body movements being made.

Many also feel that making love doesn’t include awkward positions like having sex involves.  But of course, many have their own opinion. Some who make love to their partner say they enjoy having sex with them as well; meaning they enjoy getting pleasure when their horny but without the emotional connection.  Several also feel it is more fun to have sex than to make love.