10 Secret Words That Turn Women On

Secret Words That Turn Women On

Secret Words That Turn Women On

A word is a single direct meaningful element of speech which can be represented audibly or in writing.

Words are quite interesting because they represent our innermost thoughts and desire. Deeps feelings can be represented with words. Be it a secret, for good or for evil means.

In a relationship, there are two major senses involved which enable us  express ourselves to keep the rhythm of romance flowing: The sound and the touch which can be interpreted as the use of soothing words and physical touch of a light kiss to intensify the deep feelings of romance and sex.

This two senses inter-relate to deepen and intensify the mutual connection between a man and woman to have a worthwhile romantic adventure.

The male and female sexual chemistry are opposite and alternate one another greatly. Men are turned on by what they see while women are turned on with words that they hear. What turns on a woman depends on how you use your words to attract them.

Over the years, men have developed new means not just to woo ladies and make them theirs but also to sexually turn them on with this same use of words.

Older generations composed poems  which later evolved to love songs better known as the rhythm and blues invented with carefully selected words to soak ladies to the bones when they listen to the lyrics.

As time went on males perfected their skills as the use of words evolved in to simpler and more effective versions.
Females naturally like to read meaning to every sentence males make, so males have capitalized on that.

Simple means were invented to turn a lady on instantly. Hello! that’s if she’s got some form of crush on you. Whatever little feeling she has for you could be intensified with the right words.

This is not hypnosis or magic, so don’t expect women coming to break down your door just because you told them certain words. Psychologically, this words always have an effect on ladies but they are quite good at hiding their sexual thoughts no matter how they feel.

When using words, touching a woman at the same time is risky. She could reject you even if she doesn’t want to. Allow the words to absorb properly into her psyche before making your move.

A woman would always crave sex for any man who breaks her sexual defenses with the use of the right words no matter the simplicity of these words.

Now I present to you simplified and harmless words that women sub-consciously see meaning to. You do not have to say them outright. Find a way to mix them with regular and suggestive sentences.

•I am going to be busy tonight surfing DEEPLY into the internet.
•Do you like DEEP issues?

•I know I can always THRUST you
•I THRUST you so much

-CUM :
•CUM with me
• Stay right here sweetheart I’m CUMMING.
•Only CUM when I tell you to.
•When are you CUMMING to visit? I can’t wait for you to CUM

-WET :
•Don’t tell me you don’t like cooking. Ladies like to get their hands all WET and dirty
•Did the rain beat you? Sugar you so dripping WET.

These are innocent words always act innocent because some ladies will look at you for obvious facial reactions to know if this words are deliberate.

Never try to throw in all the words at the same time. Make one sexual statement then go on with a normal conversation before you throw in a second sexually innocent bomber word.

More Words Are;

•I love licking CREAM , ice ICEAM. Let’s go and grab some CREAM

• I always want MORE and MORE when ever I am hungry
•or you could use a combination of turn on words like; I know you want MORE ice CREAM

•when she makes you happy, you could say: you always make me feel so warm INSIDE

•don’t be so naughty, I am too HARD for you

You can also use more direct approach when your relationship is certain and you don’t need to be indirect any more like:

•you smell so good, I keep wondering how good you would TASTE

•I am so hungry I could EAT you RAW tonight

Always make the sentences short and directed at her so that each sexual word can stick its meaning on her.

Good luck and Always treat her right